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Google Just Mapped Street View Of This Amazing Miniature City

So, apparently Google can hire a mini-car and create a surreal street view of an entire miniature city. The Miniature Wunderland from Germany is one of the largest miniature landscape models ever created, and it is certainly one of the most amazing things you would have ever seen. We have always fancied living in these model cities with our scaled down avatars, but since technology hasn’t reached that level, Google aimed to create a street view of the entire wonderland to create a stunning insight into the marvel that it is.

This is the small miniature street-view car with a minute camera attached to it to create the street view. Mapping software company Unilabs worked with Google to capture this amazing place.

Not only cars but Google also used mini-trains, buses and other small rides to create the street view. The railway line alone is believed to be the longest in the world.

The car started along a reconstructed Neuschwanstein castle in Germany.

You can zoom out to appreciate the true size of this fantastic model.

The railway line of the Wunderland is considered to be the longest mini-railway lines in the world and has some iconic places lying in its way.

More than 200,000 hand-painted citizens populate the model. They represent different sphere of life in Germany.

This is a recreation of a county fair in Central Germany.

The view from Google’s street views car.

But, there are other parts of the world showed here as well including a tiny model of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here, people can be seen doing what the Sin City is famous for like drugs, gambling, etc. The main boulevard with the replica statues from the rest of the world is also shown here.

Now we are off to another iconic valley.

The Grand Canyon is here. You can even see small people rafting across the tiny Colorado river.

From the Grand Canyon, we make way across Switzerland and arrive in….

Hamburg, Germany. It has a huge train station, a massive skyscraper-lined skyline even the famous waterways that let ships in.

Since Hamburg is where the model is based, the creators go out of the way to show the city here.

You can catch hundreds of figurines parading across the city.

It also has a fully-furnished airport with arrivals, people checking in and even staircase for boarding flights.

It also has remote controlled planes that take-off and then disappear behind curtains.

A concert from Swiss DJ Bobo, the “King of Dance”

Here you can see the artist working on the concert model.

More than 21,000 small people are seen enjoying the performance!

It even has these amazing Austrian ski slopes complete with skiers and torches for skiing in the night.

It has a weather balloon and Gondola to predict whether it is right to ski or not.

Finally, here is the fictional town of knuffingen.

You can see people strolling about and even making way for the fire trucks!

There is a lot of difference between seeing it on Google Street View and in person. A lot of details are overlooked if you see it through the normal eye.

So, do check out if you are fascinated by a model like this.