Google Is Set To Pay Out $700 Million – And You Could Be Eligible For It

In a landmark settlement, Google is set to reimburse millions of customers in the United States a staggering $700 million as part of an agreement over fees associated with its app store. This unprecedented repayment stems from a lawsuit filed in 2021, accusing Google of exploiting its market dominance by imposing exorbitant charges on app creators.

As per the terms of the settlement, an estimated 71 million eligible consumers, constituting a minimum of 70 percent, will automatically receive payments without the need to file a claim. The company is slated to allocate $630 million directly to over 100 million consumers nationwide, with an additional $70 million earmarked for a fund benefiting states and their consumers with similar claims.

The arrangement, which was made public on December 18, also represents a big change for Android consumers. Google has consented to let Android users download apps straight to their smartphones, doing away with the Google Play Store, in an effort to allay worries about market abuse. In a blog post, Wilson White, Google’s Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy, stressed that the settlement upholds Android’s dedication to security, choice, and flexibility.

The settlement, reached in September between Google and the state attorneys general, underscores the importance of corporations adhering to fair market practices. Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser praised the resolution, stating that all companies, regardless of their size, must comply with rules and regulations. Weiser emphasized that using monopoly power to inflate prices and restrict consumer choice is illegal.

Individuals must have a legal address in one of the states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands listed on their Google payments profile in order to be eligible for reimbursement. August 2016 through September 2023 is the eligible timeframe, which includes in-app purchases made through the Google Play store. Although the settlement is a win for consumers, it is unlikely to cause many to retire early because qualifying customers will likely receive at least $2, if not more depending on how much they spend on Google Play.

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