Google Is Planning A Recall-Like AI Feature For The Pixel 9

With the release of the Pixel 9 equipped with new AI capabilities, Google is set to elevate its AI game, offering a robust and user-friendly experience.

According to reports from Android Authority, Google will consolidate its premier AI features under a new section called “Google AI” on the Pixel 9. This umbrella will encompass both existing tools and exciting new additions. Familiar features like Circle to Search and the Gemini chatbot will be joined by innovative tools such as Add Me, Screenshots, and Studio.

Not much is known about the new Studio and Add Me features. On the other hand, Add Me probably looks like a more sophisticated version of Google’s Best Take, which is meant to improve group images by replacing each person’s face with the best one. Studio, on the other hand, will hopefully enhance sticker creation using generative AI.

A standout addition is Pixel Screenshots, which aims to streamline how users interact with their captured images. This feature will analyze screenshots, allowing users to ask questions about the content. It will also add metadata such as web links, app names, and capture times, making the information more accessible and actionable. Unlike Microsoft’s Recall, which takes and analyzes screenshots automatically, Pixel Screenshots will only process manually taken screenshots. This approach addresses privacy concerns and avoids the intrusive nature of continuous screenshot monitoring.

Having learned from Microsoft’s Recall error, Google ensured that Pixel Screenshots were made with user control in mind. The feature is off by default; however, users can quickly turn it off using the Pixel Screenshots app. This cautious and user-centric approach makes the functionality less intrusive and more appealing.

Taking screenshots on a smartphone is a popular way to share and organize data since it’s simple—you simply need to press down two buttons to save an image. An AI assistant could improve user experience by effectively organizing and retrieving this data without violating privacy.

Many people have a sizable collection of screenshots that include important information that is often hard to access. A smart AI assistant may be the key to realizing this potential and enabling seamless data retrieval.

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