Google Is Making Its Own AI-Focused Processors For The New Pixel Phones

Google is one of the most successful companies of this digital era. It has diversified and seeped into multiple sectors of different industries. This makes the company more widespread and ensures a better outreach. Moreover, as a result of this, the company has a strong and extensive consumer base as well. Recently, the company has decided to move towards vertical integration by announcing to make its own processors that will be used in the new Pixel phones. These phones will soon be launched by Google as well.

It was disclosed that Alphabet Inc’s Google will make its own processors. This means that the company will no longer use processors built from Qualcomm Inc. Qualcomm Inc has been providing processors and ensuring the smooth execution of the company’s technological applications in Android phones for the past 15 years.

Google revealed all this information in a blog post run by the company itself. It was stated that the processor will be called ‘Tensor’. This will provide support to the company’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. It also stated that further information will be intimated to the people when the processor will be heading close towards its launch.

This brief and barely detailed announcement does not seem as inconsequential as it may appear. The same afternoon when this news was revealed, shares of the company Qualcomm Inc experienced a significant decrease in prices. Despite being the world’s biggest manufacturer of wireless chips for smartphones, the company could not shield itself against the distrust and lack of interest of people in the stock market. However, it was also reported by Google that the Pixel 5a phone will still have the Qualcomm processor. Qualcomm stated that it will still be working with Google in many other projects on Snapdragon platforms. Earlier this year, Apple launched its own processors for Macbooks as well and broke away from Intel Corp.

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