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Google Is Building A Mysterious Radio Transmitter At Spaceport America. Here’s The Reason

Google Is Building A Mysterious Radio Transmitter At Spaceport America

Google is ready to set up a mysterious new radio transmitter at a spaceport located in New Mexico. It has applied for a license to construct an experimental transmitter at Spaceport America. Most of the details have been redacted by the US Federal Communications Commission before publishing the license application on its website.

Speculations are being made pertaining to what this mysterious radio transmitter could be used for. According to the rumors, it could be a part of its attempt to provide internet via balloons and solar powered drones. Google has also refused to dispense any details pertaining to the project based on commercial grounds.

The radio network bands that the company is planning to test include the E-band (71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz) that is capable of transmitting information over several miles at a speed of several gigabits per second. This renders it as an ideal option for carrying out communication between balloons or for the communication between balloons and transmitters on the ground. The company is also keen on using the 2.5 GHz band as well.

As per the documents that were filed with the FCC in 2015, Google also intends to test radio technology that includes aircraft 25,000 ft. in the air. According to speculations, this could be linked with Google X project that is touted as SkyBender (solar powered drones for delivering high speed internet).

Google stated that the tests ‘will not cause harmful interference to any other authorized user’ of the similar spectrums that it will utilize. The application further states, “Google will continue to employ highly directional, narrow bandwidth transmissions.” The beam widths will also be kept narrow. The application also states that Google plans on carrying out these experiments for about 24 months.

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