Google Is Asking Its Employees To Test ChatGPT Competitors – Including Apprentice Bard

Google is exploring new AI-powered chat tools that will most likely affect a future public product launch. They feature a new chatbot and the possibility of integrating it with a search engine. Google has recently started asking its employees to test ChatGPT competitors, including a chatbot named Apprentice Bard. The move is aimed at evaluating the performance and capabilities of these AI models in comparison to ChatGPT and determining their suitability for various use cases.

The Apprentice Bard chatbot is reportedly capable of generating creative and engaging responses, which could make it a viable option for various use cases, such as customer service or content creation. Google’s evaluation of Apprentice Bard and other potential competitors will help to determine whether these models can offer a viable alternative to ChatGPT and meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

Apprentice Bard is similar to ChatGPT in that employees can ask a question in a dialog box, receive a text answer, and then provide comments on the response. Apprentice Bard’s answers may contain recent events, according to some responses seen by CNBC, a capability ChatGPT does not yet have. Apprentice Bard took the place of Meena, an earlier version of a smart chatbot that had been launched internally but was later discontinued. Employees have noted that Apprentice Bard’s comments have become more sophisticated in recent weeks.

“We have long been focused on developing and deploying AI to improve people’s lives,” a Google spokesperson said. “We believe that AI is a foundational and transformative technology that is incredibly useful for individuals, businesses, and communities, and as our AI Principles outline, we need to consider the broader societal impacts these innovations can have.” We continue to test our AI technology internally to make sure it’s helpful and safe, and we look forward to sharing more experiences externally soon.

While the competition between AI models is intense, it is also critical to the advancement of technology. By testing and comparing the performance of these models, companies like Google can better understand their capabilities and limitations and identify areas for improvement. This will help to drive the development of more advanced and sophisticated AI models, which will benefit businesses and consumers alike.

In conclusion, Google’s evaluation of potential ChatGPT competitors, including Apprentice Bard, is a significant step forward in the development of AI technology. The results of these tests will provide valuable insights into the performance and capabilities of these models, which will inform future developments and advancements in the field.

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