Google Home Will Allegedly Be Priced At $130


Google showed off Home, its voice-activated assistant at the I/O conference in May. Now, it is rumoured that Google Home will hang a price tag of $130.


Image Source: Google


Amazon Echo is the main contender of Google Home in the market and costs $50 more than the alleged price for the forthcoming Google Home. Earlier this year, Echo Dot was revealed by Amazon which is priced at $50.


Image Source: Google


The rumours also suggest that the 4K media streaming device, the Chromecast Ultra will cost $70, twice the cost of the regular Chromecast. However, the latest dongle by Google will also come with HDR feature.


Image Source: Google


Google is also working on the design of a $130 smart router reportedly named Google WiFi.

The pricing and availability details of the new Google gadgets will be revealed at the October 4th Google event to be held in San Francisco. You can learn more about Google Home here.

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