Google Has Warned It’s Employees Of Huge Upcoming Layoffs – Saying There Will Be Blood On The Streets

We have seen a lot of well-known companies like LinkedIn, Meta, Oracle, Twitter, Nvidia, Snap, Uber, Spotify, Intel, Salesforce, etc which have been laying off their employees. However, the recent economic downturn might have played a major role in the downsizing of companies that operate with the same goal of minimizing costs and maximizing profits. Similarly, Google has also joined the race and has warned the employees of their layoffs. According to the reports circulating, the executive bodies at Google have alarmed the workers to either increase the performance level of the company or get ready for termination.

As per the reports, Google has been experiencing considerably lower production levels since last year. The main reason given by Alphabet to its employees is their vulnerable performance, which has significantly reduced the revenue growth from 62% to 13% in last year’s quarter, i.e., from April to June. The company-wide message said, “If the next quarterly earnings have not improved, then there will be blood on the streets.” In addition to this, the sales leadership of Google Cloud has also expressed doubts about the “overall examination of sales productivity and productivity in general” and has asked the employees to improve it before the third quarter evaluation.

Coupled with this, the conglomerate of Google, i.e., Alphabet, has also reported “weaker-than-expected earnings”. All this bad news has made the employees “fearful of their layoffs”. Apart from threatening the employees, Google has also ceased recruitment operations for a few weeks till further notice, and the company is currently evaluating the performance levels of its existing employees. After this, the company will make a decision as to which employees deserve to continue serving the company and which ones need a termination letter.

On that count, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, also addressed the employees last month and said that it is the need of the hour to increase your performance levels and boost the productivity of the company as well. He said there are some “fierce economic headwinds” on the way, and we must prepare well until we hit a major downturn. He was also inquisitive about new ideas from employees that would help them to achieve their targeted sales.

Pichai said, “There are real concerns that our productivity as a whole is not where it needs to be for the headcount we have. It’s clear we are facing a challenging macro environment with more uncertainty ahead. “

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