Google Has Started Testing Holographic Video Chats at Real Offices – And It Looks Like Science Fiction

Project Starline is Google’s experimental technology that employs holographic light field displays to video chat with distant co-workers. The project is now moving out of Google’s offices into real corporate locations for testing this year.

The Project Starline tech was revealed last year at Google’s I/O developer conference where giant light field displays were used and an array of cameras were installed to record and display 3D video between two people at two remote locations.

The prototypes of Starline are being installed at Salesforce, WeWork, T-Mobile, and Hackensack Meridian Health offices as part of the early-access program. Each of these companies will get two units to test for a start.

The advanced technology in Project Starline makes it appear like you’re talking to someone in real life through a window, instead of through video chat.

According to Google, 100 businesses have already started using Project Starline at the company’s own offices. The off-Google installations are a next step to test how the holographic video chats could be used to create more realistic virtual meetings, without needing to use VR or AR headsets.

This tech will not be available for regular use. It is exclusive to corporate use only in a few test sites.

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