Google Has Rolled Out Its First All-Electric Street View Car In Dublin

Google unveils its first all-electric street view car based on Jaguar’s I-Pace. The project has also been worked on by Land Rover.

It will be used in the future for a new initiative that focuses on mapping air quality in the city. The Jaguar I-Pace with key modifications has been rolled out in Dublin and will use air sensors to collect data as it cruises the streets in the coming year.

Jaguar I-Pace SUV was launched in 2018 and packed a 90-kWh battery pack that promises a range performance of 386 km, its all-electric motors, and an optimum weight distribution make it a true driver’s car.

Jaguar’s SUV modified to Google’s Street view vehicle involved adding special rooftop mountings for the camera and replacing the rear window with special glass to incorporate wiring and switchgear for advanced street view controls.

The car will now be deployed to collect data to improve Google Maps in Dublin, alongside will also collect key environmental data which would offer close pollution readings. Google street view vehicle performed this function for the first time in 2015, and the function has been getting timely upgrades and advancements ever since.

The new project is a collaboration between Air View Dublin and Aclima’s mobile air sensors to gather street-wise data on nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and PM2.5 emissions in the city. The initiative will allow an analysis of the data to then convert it into street maps of local air pollution.

“Air quality is a serious concern, especially for cities, but there is a gap in terms of localized data and insights available to both decision-makers and citizens,” says Paddy Flynn, Vice President of GEO Operations at Google. “As part of this project, we’re using technology to capture this important data and make it accessible so that together with Dublin City Council, we can drive solution planning.”

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