Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says Company Will ‘Sort It Out’ If OpenAI Misused YouTube For AI Training

In an interview with CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai addressed questions regarding OpenAI’s training data for its Sora model, acknowledging concerns about the use of YouTube videos.

Although the head of technology at OpenAI stated that the company used licenced and publicly available data, it was later revealed that over a million hours of YouTube footage had been transcribed for training. Speaking about Google’s clear terms of service, Pichai said, “We do have clear terms of service…we engage with companies and make sure they understand our terms of service.”

Pichai said that Google has protocols in place to guarantee adherence to its policies with regard to possible legal action against OpenAI, but he did not go into detail. He emphasised the requirement for Google permission for access and Google’s efforts to give early access to AI models like Veo. Pichai also discussed the GPT-4o model from OpenAI and its coming features, implying that Google is working on comparable capabilities.

However OpenAI had already revealed its GPT-4o model and used its ChatGPT mobile app to demonstrate capabilities like realistic voice chats. Although Pichai said that Google’s multimedia chat capabilities under Project Astra will interact with its chatbot, Gemini, later this year, OpenAI hopes to bring out similar features for users shortly.

Pichai also talked about Google’s progress in deploying AI models, pointing out that the cost of supplying AI models in online searches has decreased by 80%. In order to attain this efficiency, Google is utilising both Nvidia’s GPUs and its own Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). Furthermore, Google is making its AI capabilities more widely accessible by including AI Overviews in search results for all users in the United States.

Regarding Google’s collaboration with Apple, Pichai underscored the company’s dedication to providing excellent experiences for the Apple ecosystem. During the conversation on the potential integration of Gemini into the iPhone, Pichai emphasised Google’s longstanding collaboration with Apple and its commitment to guaranteeing product compatibility across various platforms. He emphasised how well-liked AI Overviews are on iOS and confirmed Google’s continuous efforts to improve the user experience on Apple products.

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