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Google Apple And IBM No Longer Require A College Degree For Hiring

The economy is getting friendlier for job seekers and not only for those who have attained high education but also for those who have skills but not a college degree. Many economists are predicting improving chances for workers who do not have a degree. The biggest job-search site Glassdoor gave a list of 15 top employers who said that they do not need a college degree from their applicants. This step is taken to improve the diversity and make it easier for those applicants who attend coding boot camps or take other non-traditional colleges to learn skills which can help them get hired.

Google is hiring product managers, recruiters, software engineers, and product marketing managers. Ernst and Young are hiring risk advisors, experience management managers, tax services seniors, and assurance service seniors. Penguin Random House is hiring marketing designers, publicity assistants, and production assistants. Apple is also looking to hire design verification engineers, project managers, and iPhone buyers. Moreover, IBM is hiring financial blockchain engineer, lead recruiters, and contract and negotiation, professionals.

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