Engineer Shares The Resume That Landed Him A $300,000 Job At Google

Sahil Gaba was about to graduate with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering when he observed the success of his friends who transitioned to computer science and found employment. Like many others, he decided to make the switch as well, but it wasn’t easy. He spent a summer learning programming and entered the job market with high hopes; however, he faced difficulties securing a position at a prominent tech firm. In the end, he managed to secure a role as a software engineer at a small fintech company based in Chicago but couldn’t help but feel that his skills were outdated.

Gaba worked long hours after his day job to keep up to date with the latest technology and improve his interview performance. His perseverance paid off, as he finally secured a software engineering position at Amazon after being turned down by countless other big tech companies for two years. In less than two years, he even got offers from Uber, Meta, and Google, before deciding to work for Google with a package amounting to three hundred thousand dollars every year when he was 29.

Image courtesy: Sahil Gaba and Business Insider

Thinking back on his adventure, Gaba gave some thought to what he had learned about enhancing his resume in an interview with Business Insider. He noted that experience should come before skills if the work experience is more powerful than the skill set to highlight the experience that has been had better. Furthermore, he advised not to be centered on college achievements but instead to concentrate on recent achievements and keep the language as clear and simplified as possible so that job seekers and hiring managers can clearly understand achievements.

In Gaba’s case, he would dismiss his educational attainment (Honors & Awards) on his resume, but it would be great if the interests section were included, as this is commonly used to start a conversation with an interviewee. Gaba’s story is one of resoluteness and endless knowledge, along with personal improvement to achieve career aims. His journey will motivate those eager to make a breakthrough in the technological world and reveal that flexibility and self-education have all the significance in today’s ever-changing labor market.

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