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This Russian Company Can Make A Gold Plated 3D Printed Model Of Your Unborn Child

3D baby

Parents who can’t wait to hold their babies until they are born can now get the 3D-printed, life-size models of their unborn babies through ultrasound imagery. Embryo 3D is not the world’s first company to offer 3D-printed plastic models of soon-to-be-born babies. However, it claims to offer the highest degree of realism. There are several choices of materials available as well, ranging from plastic to gold or silver-plated plaster.

The company uses the advanced ultrasound technology that offers a very detailed 3D image of the baby. The image includes the face, hands, feet and umbilical cord as well. The founder of Embryo 3D told, “I have a friend who was worried about the health of her child and wanted to see it. She had an ultrasound several times, but it wasn’t enough. I was fond of new technologies at that time, and 3D-printing and I said, ‘Let’s print it.” He added, “Earlier we printed only from plastic. But now we are able to make plaster models and cover them with precious metals.”

The company’s addition of using different metals for printing is what makes it different from a dozen of other companies which are also offering 3D-printed models of fetuses. They offer a version that parents can keep as a souvenir. As the famous saying goes, gold makes everything better. Yuliana Recun, a mother who got a 3D print of her unborn child told, “We ordered a 3D-model of our child, which is in my belly now. It is a weird feeling, the child hasn’t been born yet … but you can touch it and feel it as it is.”

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