Gmail Will Now Help You In Writing An Email Using Smart Compose

gmail smart compose

Google has been working from the beginning to add features in its applications. The company recently announced the addition of some more features to its apps. One of those new features is known as “Smart Compose”. The Smart Compose feature basically predicts the text when you write an email. Just like predictive text feature which guesses the next word that you are going to say, Smart Compose suggests the entire sentence.

The feature will vary these predictions for every individual user and is based on the information which Google already knows about them. The company announced that the feature will be rolling out to all users in this month. As per news updates, the feature will perhaps b rolling out today. You can activate it in your Gmail by taking some simple steps.

Open your Gmail, Go to the gear icon and press “Try the new Gmail”. This will open your Gmail settings, from there choose the “Enable experimental access”. In the General Gmail settings, scroll down and select “Experimental Access”. Click on the box and “Enable” the experimental access. Before exiting the page click on Save Settings. This is an interesting feature but it is not sure if the market really needed a software which could perform more than 50% task of creating an email. However, the Smart Compose might become a game changer for Google.

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