Gmail Now Lets You Send Self-Destructing Emails


This year, in April, Google announced it’s new Gmail feature, the “confidential mode.” This feature enhanced the security for sensitive data sent or received. Google only launched this feature for desktop usersat that time.

Recently, the company announced in a Twitter post that they have rolled out this feature for mobile devices as well. To use this feature, compose your message, tap on Confidential mode located at the lower right corner, add the expiration date or passcode and click save. The recipient will lose the authority to forward, download copy or print and will only be able to access the mail when the passcode provided in SMS will be entered. Then click save to store the setting to the email.

Many times, businesses and individuals need to send the Passport copies or other important credentials to each other. In such cases, it is important to make sure that once the email is received and opened, it expires so that no one else can access the email again. This confidentiality mode is also helpful to businesses but also very useful to normal users.
Google introduced major design changes in Gmail this year. Smart Reply and Snooze were also a part of these changes.

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