Glyder Lets You Exercise At Your Desk Without Hurting Knees

Compactix Glyder2

Remaining stationary or seated for a long time can lead to fat accumulation and in order to address this problem, standing desks were introduced. Apart from them, the next solution that was presented came in the shape of miniature cycling gadgets or elliptical trainers that can be placed under your standard desk and you can get some kind of exercise done while you are working. The issue with such gadgets is the fact that you might be banging your knees against the furniture or the noise they make could kill your productivity. That’s where we introduce you to the Compactix Glyder.Compactix Glyder

If you couldn’t figure it out from the name of the gadget; it works by letting you glide your feet in horizontal plane – back and forth. The same effect that you can have when you use your slipper socks on the floor, however, this gadget can make it a bit difficult by imparting some resistance that can be increased or decreased via a knob on the gadget or the Bluetooth enabled app on the smartphone.Compactix Glyder3

The app also keeps a score of how many calories the user has burnt and how much distance has been glided. Apart from that, the app also allows the user to track progress while letting the user compete against other Glyder users. It is extremely quiet owing to the fact that it makes use of electromagnetic resistance. It does, however, require access to an electrical outlet.Compactix Glyder6 Compactix Glyder5 Compactix Glyder4
Compactix Glyder

The Compactix team is raising funds on Kickstarter and a pledge of $99 will get you one unit when and if they’re ready to go. The retail price, planned, is $179. Check out the video below for more:

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