Guy Invents A Glove That Slows Down Time

What wouldn’t we give to make time slow down? Even though it is impossible to control time, we can utilize it in productive ways. YouTube’s MadGyver did something exactly like that and came up with a glove that gives you the illusion of stopping time.

The Glove looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and has an Arduino controlled strobe light in the palm. The glove functions as a motion sensor and the speed of the light can be controlled by the user via Arduino by rotating the hand left or right.

(Source: Instructables)

When the speed of the flashing light equals the speed of the moving object, it makes the object appear ass if it is frozen in time. It is actually an optical illusion but who cares as long as it looks cool.

You can take a look at the time stopping glove in the video below:

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