Glitch In Uber Is Charging Drivers For Rides Instead

The advent of Uber has transformed commuting altogether. People do not have to wait for long in the public transport queues or walk to the nearest bus or tram stations to go somewhere. It gives you the convenience of calling the vehicle at your doorstep or wherever you are, and they drop you off at the exact point you wish to go to. in return, a proportion of the fare charged is kept by the drivers and the rest goes to the company.  

However, Uber has been involved in multiple sorts of scandals or issues reported worldwide. One of the recent issues highlighted in association with the company is a technical glitch in the Uber algorithm which caused the fare to be deducted from the driver’s wallet instead. A recount from an uber driver as reported to the Insider showed that the fare was calculated to be $37 but at the end of the ride, the passenger was charged with only $9, and the rest was deducted from the driver’s wallet.

This prevalent situation has led many of the Uber drivers to leave their service. The response of Uber on this issue is considerably underwhelming. The company has refunded the amount that was unfairly charged to some drivers, but the majority is still left without compensation. Moreover, these drivers had to register complaints and wait for days to receive a response from the organization. They believe it is unfair to them that they have to wait and ask for the compensation they deserve.

Uber needs to pay attention to such complaints as these because they are frequent and large in number as well. The algorithm must be reviewed and revised to ensure such glitches are eradicated in future transactions. If this keeps on happening and getting repeated every time, drivers will start to leave the organization for good.

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