Girl Converts Her Car Into A Giant Computer Mouse


Simone Giertz, The robotics nerd is back with another amazing modification project. This time she also involved another friend, William Osman, to work with her to modify her tiny yellow electric car. The car is named the Cheese Louise

The inventors didn’t share the details of how they made it work other than showing the sensors which they have placed in the front area of the car. However, they have shown the results of the project. The video shared by Osman shows more detail of the project. Both the inventors tested their project in the parking lot which moves the cursor by driving and clicks with honking. Their mission is to draw a self-portrait of the car in the Photoshop. This is more difficult than they expected it to be since the program keeps crashing in the middle of their work. In the end, Simone and William were able to draw a triangle instead of the portrait.


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