Get Vaccinated Or Get Jailed, Says Philippines President

Each part of the world was brutally affected by spread of the ghastly corona virus. Global, national, and local operations and functions had to come to a halt and the world was forced to stop. This widespread led to losses of life, economy, development, and travel. The onset of most awaited vaccine is gradually taking the world back to its original pace and reversing the damage done by the pandemic.

The vaccine being introduced and distributed is reaching as far as it can, and people are getting injected. However, there is still a significant proportion of masses that does not believe in vaccines. They fear that it may cause them more harm than good. Some believe that the governments are trying to inject them with some tracking chips and will invade their privacy. Others speculate that it might clash with their ongoing medications and will result in some issues.

Governments are trying to convince and persuade the masses to get vaccinated as soon as possible. They are facilitating easy access of people to the vaccine by providing them information and guidelines for getting to their nearest vaccine points. Despite the efforts, people are still dubious.

 The President of Philippines gave a statement on television that if the people of his country refuse to get vaccinated, they will be jailed. According to the John Hopkins Covid-19 Dashboard, the country ranks second in having the highest reported cases of corona virus. Till 22nd of June, 23,749 deaths and 13,64,239 cases were registered.

It is argued that the statement is harsh and getting vaccinated is considered a personal choice, but he insists that one can be a potential carrier and, in that case, it does not stay personal anymore. The President has a streak of being austere in his decisions and penalties associated with them like his policies on drugs and stance on Islamic terrorists. It is still debatable if the vaccine should be forced on people but it seems like the Philippines will be vaccinated pretty soon.

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