Germany Says Russia’s Space Nuke Could Destroy Orbit For Everyone

Germany has raised a stark warning about Russia’s alleged development of a space-based nuclear weapon, stating that such a device could obliterate the orbit for the entire planet. The anti-satellite space weapon, reportedly being pursued by Russia, has the potential to render low-Earth orbit unusable for everyone, according to Major General Michael Traut, who heads Germany’s military space command.

Traut’s concern is based on the catastrophic impact such a weapon could have on the satellites currently orbiting Earth. “If somebody dares to explode a nuclear weapon in high atmosphere or even space, this would be more or less the end of the usability of that global commons,” he said, as reported by Politico Europe. “Nobody would survive an action like that no satellite, either Chinese or Russian and American or European.”

According to reports, the weapon uses a powerful energy burst to render satellites inoperable, essentially converting them into junk in space. While there are a lot of unknowns around this weapon, Traut stressed that the ramifications of its employment are quite concerning.

The White House has advised calm despite the serious nature of the reports, claiming that no one’s safety is in immediate danger. However, experts warn that such a weapon may cause a great deal of damage. The director of the European Space Policy Institute, Ludwig Möller, issued a warning that if Russia were to target commercial satellites, the consequences might be enormous, impacting sectors like banking and energy and costing trillions of dollars in damages.

Russia’s space weapon is a source of concern as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Turner issued a warning about a “serious national security threat.” It was later confirmed by President Joe Biden that Turner was alluding to Russia’s anti-satellite weapon.

Although little is known about Russia’s space weapon, its development has important ramifications. As additional details become available, it becomes evident that world leaders are paying close attention to these developments and are aware that the use of such a weapon might cause extensive harm and disruption.

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