Germany Is Slashing Train Fares – Because They Want People To Stop Driving

Last week, the European government approved the subsidy of reducing train fares by a considerable amount. The decision took place following the repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the energy crisis that Germany is going through. Travelers can now avail of this amazing opportunity for just 9 euros per month. However, the subsidy is valid for the whole three months of summer. No doubt, the German government has to pay a huge cost for this allowance. It has no choice but to control the ongoing crisis.

Due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Germany has to pay a price after Russia has ceased its oil supply. Consequently, Germany is now facing a severe oil crisis. Hence, the government considered it better to reduce the prices by a great amount in order to make people shift to the trains for their daily traveling purposes rather than drive their own cars. This is because Germany does not have enough oil for the provision and it has to deal with other areas as well. Thus, an attempt to reduce the frequency of driving is a good way to start mitigating the effects of the war on Germany.

Moreover, it was also noted that utilizing only trains and buses for travel would also reduce environmental pollution to a great extent. A reduction in the number of cars will improve the climate conditions as well. However, this decision is going to be implemented from June 1 with an estimated savings of 90 euros for Berlin commuters and 105 euros for the daily travelers of Hamburg.

In response, Katharina Dröge, parliamentary head of Germany’s Green party, said, “Inexpensive and climate-friendly mobility must not and will not remain a flash in the pan. Buses and trains must become even more attractive in town and country.” Coupled with this, the leaders of the political parties in Europe finally agreed on this initiative.

As per the reports on Monday, political leaders have varied views. Some were of the opinion that the project would be very expensive for the government and that a stream of travelers would crash the market, but somehow they agreed with the decision, and the public is now enjoying visiting their favorite spots within Europe for a small amount of money.

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