German Police Will Give You €25 If You Give Your Face to Government

Federal police are offering €25 Amazon gift cards to anyone who gives their face and a bit of their time for the latest system installed by the administration. German police wants 275 volunteers to beta test the facial recognition software installed at the Berlin Südkreuz train station.

The police wants the volunteers to visit the station several times a day, and people who visit the most during the six-month period will win “one of these three attractive prizes“: a Fitbit Surge, an AppleTalk Series 2, and a GoPro Hero session.

Pic Credits: bundespolizei

“In the future, the facial recognition software is to recognize and report detected users or persons from whom a danger could arise or emerge,” explains the German federal police, according to a Chrome translation of their website. “Operators can subsequently take targeted action against the person within the scope of the legal possibilities.”

Volunteers will turn over a few photos and “personal details” which will be used to calibrate the system and will be deleted from the database after a year. The volunteers will also be given a “transponder” about the size of a credit card, which will allow police to track the location of their volunteers. This will be done to know whether the software has correctly identified the person or if it needs more tweaks.

The person with the transponder will be required to walk through the parts of the train station installed with facial recognition surveillance cameras.

The trails will start on Aug. 1, 2017. So, are you ready to give your face to the government?

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