Geo-location In App Development: Why Is It Important?

According To A New Study, Using WhatsApp Might Be Good For You

According to a study conducted in March 2020 analyzing the usage of geo-location data among marketing specialists, 48 percent subscribed to the opinion that improved return on investment and improved engagement and receptiveness are leading benefits of using geolocation data. And 37 percent of marketers outlined that using geolocation in the application helps optimize content for the target audience. 


As a result of technology growth, the importance of GPS for mobile applications has remained steady. For example, the implementation of GPS tracking for vehicles is a powerful feature for a cub service and taxi providers. The majority of companies now recognize the importance of GPS in app development. Let’s consider how to make GPS app development beneficial and cost-effective for your business.

Global Positioning System (GPS) provides geolocation tracking, which can be used in multiple ways for commercial technologies and personal software. Once the business gets the importance of GPS in app development, they can use it in marketing to collect and process the data for business growth. 

In tune with the progress, GPS technology will continue to cover more valuable spheres in our everyday life. Besides that, it’s also a reliable tool for personal and business safety and useful for explorers.

What is the Global Positioning System (GPS)?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a software that provides users with location area, navigation, and timing information. The services this software system covers can be categorized into three segments: space, the control segment, the user segment. 

Let’s consider these segments in more detail: 

  • The space segment is a constellation of satellites that transmit radio signals. Satellites are available 24/7 and circle the earth twice per day. The average speed of the satellite is about 20,000 km/hour or 12,427 mph.
  • The control segment consists of the global network of ground facilities. Which helps to track, monitor, analyze, and send commands to the satellites.  So the control statement includes a control station, an alternative control station, command and control antennas, monitoring sites.
  • The user segment is each person who uses GPS. 

Importance of GPS in an app

If you want to benefit your users, you have to provide as much functional tracking and navigation as possible according to the app business idea. Let’s outline the top 8 app-types where using geolocation in the application is highly helpful:

1. Navigation app

Navigation apps use GPS for digital map development. This feature has become highly popular, and almost no one can imagine their way without digital map navigation. Even if you’re without an internet connection, there are options for offline navigation.

2. Taxi app

Taxi app users can set their location manually or using the geo-location feature, and the app will automatically notify the user about drivers nearby. Besides the user’s address, the endpoint could be set using the text search or a map. 

3. Delivery app

Couriers share geolocation to help track the package and get an idea of the delivery time-frame. Modern delivery apps developed by or another digital company have a broader range of features. For example they collect and visualize all KPIs in one place and analyze historical data. Also they can identify peak hours and seasonality. With these apps you can plan the number of orders, demand for couriers, learn more about the supply chain, courier performance, delivery and downtime.

4. Financial app

GPS for mobile applications in the financial industry is highly recommended for the authorization process. The software can recognize a user’s device and IP address to check the user’s location and indicate suspicious activity. 

5. Social network

Geo-location can be used by social networks for the authorization process, searching for people, and gathering personal information. And of course, geo-location is also used for the popular “add location” or “check-in” feature so that other users can see the places you’ve attended. 

6. Dating app

Dating apps use geolocation to connect people that are near each other. Usually, the app has settings with the maximum and minimum distance for the pair. Geolocation allows for indicating the user’s location automatically. 

7. Travel app

When you’re traveling, a GPS app is a must-have in your pocket! Such an Android or iOS app is always ready to find nearby attractions and map a route to your location. 

8. E-commerce app

When shopping online, e-commerce websites are ready to simplify the process using GPS. First, users will see only the local version of the site. Also, using geo-location, it’s easier to specify delivery information and track the package. 

Core benefits of GPS in mobile apps:

1. Find a location 

GPS provides the shortest and most convenient way to get to any location chosen in the app. You can easily manage the address and how you travel: by car, public transport or walking. 

2. Simple navigation

GPS makes navigation functional and easy to use. You can track how the distance changes during your trip and automatically rebuild your route within the app. Moreover, using GPS maps, you can travel based on show-places.

3. Location tracking

GPS can help track devices, equipment, and vehicles for improved safety. Currently, it is the most used way to track employees and vehicles. 


Geo-location functionality can not be overlooked. Nowadays, this feature is actively used by government agencies and businesses for vehicle location tracking. Tons of GPS receivers are integrated into mobile devices to provide instant and convenient location-based functionality. All pilots use GPS for navigation during the flight. Moreover, there are dozens of mobile apps using GPS to make our society safer. 
GPS is not yet fully implemented in the educational industry. However, the world is working on that. For example, people are currently integrating GPS and mapping for math programs and social studies. These skills will be valuable in the future and will increase graduates’ chances to be slotted into jobs.


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