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General Electric’s New Gigantic Turbine Engines Are Extremely Loud

We recently talked about how the General Electric turbine engines, GE9X, will be used by Boeing’s latest 777X airliner – the largest jet by the company to date. General Electric has ignited the gigantic GE9X turbine engines for a takeoff speed test at the company’s Propulsion Test Platform.

The video posted on YouTube shows that the engines create quite a loud sound – almost ear-splitting – proportional to their size. The engine, as per General Electric, is the largest commercial jet turbine in the world.

Boeing has already shown off pictures of its gigantic 777X airliner that featuring the GE9X. The aircraft has a wingspan of 118 feet, and that makes it the biggest twin-engine plan in the world. The GE9X are about 11 feet in diameter and feature 16 fan blades that have been fixed in a 14-foot engine capsule. You’d be surprised to know that according to a claim by Boeing; the engines are as wide as an entire Boeing 737 fuselage.

The engines were put to the test during test flights that were conducted last year in March. During these test flights, a single turbine engine was installed to a Boeing 747 test bed. The test flights were a huge success. The recent runway tests are being carried out to help the aircraft for its maiden test flight. The Boeing 777X along with its pair of General Electric GE9X will soar in the skies for the very first time later in 2019!

What do you think of this amazing contraption? Do let us know and do check out the following YouTube video to witness the power of GE9X engines for yourself. We do suggest that you keep the volume low because the General Electric GE9X is one hell of an engine! Fingers crossed for the maiden flight of this amazing aircraft.

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