Gender-Reveal Explosion Cracks A Home’s Foundations

Just leave it to people to turn a harmless party into something more and more outrageous. Gender reveals may have killed more people this year than sharks, which is saying something. Why do people want to know the gender of their child without any regard for public health and safety? Well, this couple took it so far they might as well have used TNT instead of Tannerite.

According to reports from New Hampshire police, the blast from a gender-reveal party was so powerful that it was felt in a 20-mile radius. It frightened the neighbors, cracked foundations of some nearby homes, and the blast was heard across the state lines.

One of the neighbors of the said couple, Sara Taglieri, told reporters that “We heard this God-awful blast. It knocked pictures off our walls… I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme”. This isn’t the first time gender reveal parties have disturbed the peace. Some have even injured and killed people. Just last month, two people were killed in an airplane crash and it was related to a gender reveal event.

Earlier this year two people died from an explosion at another gender reveal party. So it is safe to assume that this trend should stop. Sara Taglier further said that “We are all about celebrating happy moments like having a baby, but their celebration was felt and heard not only by different neighborhoods but through different towns. It’s not like we are upset because there was blue or pink confetti in our yard. It was such a large blast”.

The blast was heard in a 20-mile radius and may have even turned the tap water brown due to the vibrations it caused. The person behind the explosion turned himself in and is cooperating with the authorities however his identity remains unknown. Gender reveal parties have even caused forest fires. You’d think how much harm a simple party could do but it’s the extent to which people go that does the damage.

The baby was a boy by the way if anyone was wondering.

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