Geco Mark 2 Is A New Action Camera That You Can Mount On Your Spectacles


There are many adventurists out there who would love to record their ventures; the hands free way. Action cameras are the latest gadgets in the market these days. Brands such as GoPro already offer compact 1080p HD capable video cameras, but the Geco team believe its work is going to be smaller and cheaper.
Geco Mark 2 – Action Camera for Glasses
Geco Mark 2 – Action Camera for Glasses5

The Geco Mark II is a different kind of action camera. It can mount onto any pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. It is small, weighing only 18 grams, and is capable of recording hands free HD videos in 720p or 1080p. The Geco Mark II allows you to capture video everywhere you go. In fact, is one of the smallest HD cameras available in the market. While strapped on your spectacles, you can film the world from eye level through a 100 degree lens. The team feels it will be useful for everyday life and professional purposes, not to mention for filming extreme sports. SONY DSC

The Mark II has simple, easy to use features; an on/off/record button for quick control, recording in 1080p/30fps and 720p/60. With its 300mAh lithium-polymer battery you can film for an hour on 720p or 45 minutes of 1080p filming. There is a microphone for audio recording, status LED light, microSD slot, and microUSB port. The basic hardware and limited filming might not be too impressive for action cam users, but its petite size and simple usage would buy users over. Though it’s made for glasses, one can imagine it being mounted with other equipment. SONY DSC Geco Mark 2 – Action Camera for Glasses2

The Geco Mark II was on display at the Consumers Electronics Show 2015. The team had conducted a funding campaign in 2013 but was not able to market their camera. They are working to make it better now. The action camera is supposed to launch for $199 which will include the camera, several sizes of elastic straps, a waterproof case, and 8 GB microSD card and charging hardware.

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