Here’s What Happens If You Place A Red Hot Metal Cylinder On A Frozen Lake

hot steel

Scientific researchers like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton have solved many questions and taught us a lot of new concepts. Apart from that, if you conduct your own scientific experiments, you will learn important concepts and gain a hands-on understanding of how stuff works. The YouTube channel “Beyond The Press” that is run by a duo, loves to conduct these experiments. Recently, they decided to see what would happen if they place a red-hot steel cylinder on a frozen lake.

This online duo of amateur scientists got popular after they posted a video of a hydraulic press crushing various items. Initially, it didn’t sound like much of an experiment but the sheer power of the press kept the internet audience captivated all over the world for a very long time. Seeing stuff getting smashed is pretty rad, ain’t it?

After hydraulic, they wanted to see how other cool scientific experiments work. Then the unique idea of involving a hot steel and a frozen lake came.

They took a large piece of red-hot steel and placed it on top of a lake that was frozen with a thick sheet of ice. They were sure that the chemical reaction will be fascinating to look at.

The piece of steel they used was a little over 40 pounds. A large tank of propane was used to heat it up properly. They wanted to make sure it was as hot as possible so the reaction could be really intense. However, would the steel melt all the way through ice or not?

To transfer the steel to ice, they used a strong cord. Even though it was carried only a few feet away, they needed to be very careful since it was too hot to easily burn.

The area where they were going to place ice was leveled before-hand so that it would burn straight through it. They didn’t want the whole experiment to ruin if the steel block tipped over while reacting with the ice.

As soon as the steel touched the surface of the lake, it started to sizzle. In the first one or two minutes the reaction was not really thrilling but soon after that, things really started to cook.

Before beginning the experiment, Beyond The Press predicted that the steel will not be able to melt all the way through the ice. But later on, when the steel was in full force, they were not sure if their prediction was correct or not.

This YouTube Channel is doing an amazing job to give its viewers a close-up to how amazing the scientific world can be. Let’s see if the steel burned all the way through or not.

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