France Is Giving Citizens $3,000 To Get Rid Of Their Cars

The more industry improves the worse the impact on the climate gets. Carbon emissions around the world have skyrocketed ever since the crypto mining craze began. In such situations, more and more countries are coming up with ways to reduce pollution and adopt healthier and cleaner energy. France’s latest attempt at this is to offer people money to trade in their old cars in exchange for a more renewable option.

France is currently offering its residents €2,500 or $2,975 to trade in their fuel-based cars for an electric bike. Yes, you heard it right. They’re offering $2,975 and a bike in exchange for your car. If not for helping the environment and stuff it kind of looks like a bad deal but anything for the environment. Can’t drive a car if you’re not alive.

The deal is not finalized yet as the measure has only been approved in a preliminary vote. The lawmakers in France are still ironing out the details while viewing similar deals that other countries are offering. The French Federation of Bicycle Users that if the country does follow through with the scheme, they would be the first country in the world to pay people to get rid of their old cars and get a free bike as well.

Lithuania and Finland are also offering similar schemes. For example, the chief specialist at the Finnish Cyclists’ Federation, Martti Tulenheimo, posted their numbers in a tweet which you can view below.

Lithuania’s Environmental Project Management Agency or APVA has also offered their residents $1,200 if they trade in their old cars. Though they didn’t specify what the money could be used for. The sentiment is that people would use it towards getting electric vehicles.

All these schemes are a good step towards a carbon-free environment. Nothing right now is stopping global warming from getting worse.

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