Four Technology Trends That You Cannot Ignore This Year

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Eoin Treacy, the investment director at the Frontier Tech Investor, has outlined the main focus areas in the tech niche that the investors must concentrate on if they want to reap some profits this year.

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The tech industry thrives on its ability to produce unique, exceptional products. The only impediment to the commercialization of these technological breakthroughs is the availability of the capital. Eoin has predicted that 2016 will prove to be an excellent year for those who want to invest in technology.

“It’s going to be quite a year. In fact, I have four particular opportunities I want to share with you today that I think are going to be huge in 2016. I’ll be concentrating on the emerging technologies that are going to change our lives and potentially make us a lot of money along the way.”


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The Renewable Energy Niche

The first significant fall in fuel prices was triggered by the discovery of the shale oil and gas, transforming the US from one of the biggest oil importers into an exporter. Renewable energy will ensure the continuation of this fashion and the fuel prices will remain low. However, the game changer will be the fact that the renewable energy sources do not depend on the market prices and service values. Thus, the renewable energy industry will largely remain unaffected by the happenings around the world.

The recent breakthroughs in the solar technology have made it very affordable for the general masses while enhancing the efficiency of the solar cells to improve their output. Even the industry big-wigs are taking stock of the changing trends, and a merger of Sharp is also imminent.

Eoin imagines a future where:

“Curtains will no longer be required because solar coating on windows will have a customisable polaroid effect that will also power your tablet. Our cars will have cells on their ceilings and bonnets so batteries can be charged on the go. Utilities will face completion from major real estate owners such as offices and supermarkets because they will have the ability to generate electricity within close proximity of major populations.”


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Image Source: Fortune

Biotechnological Innovations to battle against Fatal Diseases and Increase Longevity

The latest trend in biotechnology deals with life expectancy and quality. The scientists are now attempting to enhance the quality of life by overcoming the fatal diseases resulting in early death as well as the underlying causes of the diseases. Eoin has pinned high hopes on the genetic editing organizations that are employing the CRISPR technique for editing the genome. The market of genetic engineering is largely unexplored, and 2016 may witness a boom in this arena.


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Image Source: Bluzelle

Blockchain: The Apex of  Internet Security

You might have come across the Blockchain in relation with the bitcoin. However, Blockchain offers to be much more than that! The tool allows an easy yet secure method of storing data. The system is already being examined by the Nasdaq to store trade data. Similarly, other finance industry big shots are also working on the development of the similar systems. The application of Blockchain is not limited to the financial sector only but will also come in handy for the lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc.


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Image Source: Android Authority

AI and Machine Learning: Changing the World as we Know it

Artificial intelligence or machine learning will bring a paradigm shift in the world of technology and business. The smart algos will be questioning the ideas and concepts that we have always taken for granted and thus, will add a new dimension to the world. Even more importantly, the pace of the technological innovations indicates of a future evolving at a dizzying speed.



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