Four Hostile Alien Civilizations Could Be Lurking In The Milky Way – And They Could Potentially Take Over The Earth

In a recent study, researchers argued that alien civilizations that may exist in the Milky Way galaxy have the potential to take over Earth. Four of these civilizations are capable enough to completely “invade” the Earth. Considering this, a famous researcher and a doctoral student at the University of Vigo in Spain, Mr. Caballero, has started his research by looking deep into human civilization to determine if human beings have the potential to respond vigorously to any invasion.

It has been revealed that only 51 out of 195 countries made attempts at invasion between 1915 and 2022 and were involved in such types of activities. Moreover, with time, this exertion is eventually dying out, and according to research, human beings are not technologically advanced enough to carry out intrusive activities with extra-terrestrial bodies. As per Caballero, “The probability of extra-terrestrial invasion by a civilization whose planet we message is… around two orders of magnitude lower than the probability of a planet-killer asteroid collision. Planet-killing asteroids, like the one that doomed the dinosaurs, are 1-in-100-million-year events.”

Thus, he also believes that there is very little to no possibility of aliens invading Earth as such incidents are very rare. Moreover, according to his estimates, the human aggressiveness related to the combat has seen a considerable reduction of up to minus 1.15% per year in the last 50 years which means that we have a possibility of only 0.0014% to invade any other planet. Kardashev scale was used in estimating these statistical calculations, which demonstrated that owing to the current level of technology on Earth, it is impossible for human beings to even think about invading any alien civilization for the next 259 years.

On the other hand, researchers contend that Caballero’s study has some limitations. The most important one is that he has taken a very small sample of human civilization for his research. We don’t know yet how many times and through how many processes humans have invaded places long before we ever existed. Such limitations have a tendency to alter the calculations in one way or the other. But this thing is clear: we can never be a source of threat to any celestial body in space as we are lacking in technological innovation according to the caliber of an alien civilization. As Caballero said, “A civilization like us would probably not pose a threat to another one since we don’t have the technology to travel to their planet.”

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