Fortel Is A Folding Knife That Is Also Super Expensive

Fortel By Atroposknife Is Mesmerizing And Super Expensive!

What you are looking at is known as Fortel. Of course, most of us already own a pocket knife that can open and close. However, Fortel takes the concept of a folding pocket knife to a whole new dimension. It has been designed and created by Russian custom knife company known as Atroposknife. The company was created by knifemaker Konstantin Sazhin.

Fortel By Atroposknife Is Mesmerizing And Super Expensive!

Fortel can do more than just open and close; it can contort itself in different ways and is quite a wonder to behold. It has been crafted using two cylinders that are attached at the center by making use of a knurled metal ring. One half is the sheath, and it has two prongs sticking out – thus enabling its use as a fork. The other half houses the blade that protrudes from the handle like any traditional fixed-blade slicer. The blade is, however, double the length that it appears to be when it is pulled out of the sheath. It can be folded out of its handle, thus doubling its length.

Fortel By Atroposknife Is Mesmerizing And Super Expensive!

One YouTube user cutlerylover was able to procure one unit of Fortel and recorded a mesmerizing demonstration of the beauty and glory of this knife. The knife is so sleek that you almost immediately want a Fortel even if you don’t have any love for knives. However, Fortel is not cheap. The most economical one is priced at $165 whereas the most expensive one will cost you $999.

As of right now, only the $999 version is available on the website of the seller. You can also backorder the $350 variant of Fortel, but the cheap ones have already been sold. You might get another chance at buying this amazing and one of a kind knife if you keep your eyes peeled! Check out the amazing knife in action below and do let us know what you think of it!

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