Ever Wondered Where Does The Formula For The Area Of A Circle Come From? This Video Explains All

area of a circle

Getting your mind blown away by the beauty of mathematics is an occupational hazard for every engineer; it is the one from which we like to “suffer” as often as possible! But appreciating its beauty requires you to have some insight on the origins of the concepts, and today, we have brought a video to do just that!

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Ever wondered from where does the iconic and all useful formula of the area of a circle (Pi*radius squared) come from?

It turns out that the area of a circle can be calculated if you convert it into a rectangle! While this might seem impossible, it is doable if you divide the circle into thinner and thinner slices until parts become infinitesimally small and can form an exact rectangle.

The area of a circle is then equal to the area of the rectangle formed by its parts and can be calculated with ease by using the base times height formula!

The simple video below elaborates on the concept using excellent animations!


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  1. Jake Reply

    Now please explain where did the formula for circumference 2(pi)r came from? Where did they get the value of pi?

    • Ronan Reply

      Jake, I would assume that the circumference was originally measured by hand and then the ratio pi was discovered

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