Former Tesla Employee Says That He Was Fired Via Phone Call – While On Vacation

Getting fired without any prior notice or warning falls beyond the rules set by most companies. Not only is it considered unlawful, but it also damages the reputation of the employee, along with being awarded a lot of mental stress. The same incident happened with a former Tesla employee when the company informed him of his termination with immediate effect while he was on vacation, as reported by Insider. The terminated employee, named Jointer, who had served Tesla as a maintenance supervisor since 2017, was shocked to get informed of his termination on a phone call that said, “he was going to be let go effective immediately.”

Coupled with this, the jointer was being asked to accept and sign the “severance offer” against which he would get one week of pay and two months of health insurance. But he didn’t accept the offer. A severance offer is usually given to employees upon their involuntary termination in order to compensate them and to keep the company away from being subjected to any lawsuits that the terminated employee might file against the company.

In addition to this, Jointer stated in a legal declaration, “I did not receive any advance notice that I would be losing my job. Up to that point, no one at Tesla ever raised any issues with me regarding my performance. ” However, it is important to note that Jointer is not the only one who got terminated like this. Two other employees of Tesla who received similar sudden termination information have officially filed a suit against the company. John Lynch and Daxton Hartfield used Jointer’s declaration as evidence in their lawsuit against Tesla and wrote that the company is trying to save itself from experiencing legal penalties by making the fired employees sign on to the “severance offer.”

The suit states, “If left unchecked, Tesla may succeed in cutting off the rights of thousands of potential class members… without them even knowing about this case and their rights.” You might be aware of the recent plan of layoffs at Tesla, which was approved by Elon Musk in order to reduce business operating costs in the wake of an economic recession. Though Musk expressed his concern that he has a “super bad feeling” about these firings, he has to terminate around 10% of Tesla’s employees as part of the plan.

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