Former Boxing Champion Is Now An Expert Wedding Cake Baker

Renat Agzamov was once a Russian boxing champion but is now famous for a completely different profession; celebrity cake maker who specializes in intricate and edible masterpieces that are sold for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Former Boxing Champion Renat Agzamov Is A Famous Cake Expert Now!

Renat Agzamov is a self-described workaholic who baked his first cake when he was seven years of age. He claims that ever since then, he has created more than 2,700 cakes and is always looking for ways to enhance his skills and surpass the expectations of his clients. He dedicated most of his youth to the sport of boxing and became a boxing champion in Russia. Nonetheless, the food artist says that cake baking and general cooking are two of his greatest passions. He is among the world’s most sought-after cake artisans and is known for his highly intricate wedding cakes that are created for high-profile clients.

Renat Agzamov has more than 30 years of cake making experience and has bagged many confectionery competitions over the years. However, what really got him the international exposure that he needed was Instagram. He claims that he might have achieved international recognition based solely on his skills, but Instagram helped him speed that process up by about twenty years. He says that the secrets to his success were experience and a never-ending thirst for knowledge.

Renat Agzamov took the first job at a confectionery café in Krasnogorsk without any pay. He took the job only to improve his skills. He says whenever he passed a confectionery place and saw something new; he tried to land a job there in order to learn the secrets of the trade. He says, ‘No one will just tell you such things. So in the first six months, I spent in Moscow, I changed seven jobs. I got what I needed, and I left. That’s probably not entirely fair, but I was so obsessed with the learning process that I couldn’t have expanded my knowledge otherwise.’

Renat Agzamov was featured in international news last years for the creation of an impressive wedding cake that cost $179,000 and measured in at 13 feet. It was a fairytale castle that features elaborate towers, balconies, interior lighting, and even tiny figurines. The 1,500 kg cake was created for a high-profile Kazakh wedding.

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