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Forgot The Keys Of Your Master Lock? Here’s How You Can Open It With Just A Hammer

Your sweet nightly sleep is guaranteed by the safe knowledge that you are protected by the Master Lock. However, it took a YouTuber a mere 90 seconds to open a Master Lock, using nothing but a hammer.


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Bosnian Bill has questioned the security of quite a few padlocks produced by the Master Lock and has created a series of videos demonstrating the ease with which these latches can be opened. The company has threatened to sue the locksport enthusiast; one should think they would rather improve the design of the Master Lock.

See the video below demonstrating this neat little trick:



Bill uses the latest #3 Master Lock in this video and raps it with the hammer. If a hammer is not handy, the screwdriver handle would also serve the purpose.

For their part, Master Lock has also commented on his videos stating that:

“With the proper time, knowledge and tools nearly any security device can be manipulated – especially in a controlled environment by a dedicated locksmith or security expert.

The most important function of any locking mechanism is deterrence. No one takes security more seriously than Master Lock and we offer a complete line of lock products that offer escalating levels of security and cost…..Master Lock is always innovating to further enhance the security our products provide.”

Bill recommends that you should opt for the padlocks made with safety pins and ball bearings.


Image source: Lock Techinc


Are you aware of the vulnerabilities in your padlock?