10 Best Steering Wheel Locks For Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is an SUV manufactured by Ford since 2000 and is currently in its fourth generation. To ensure the safety of your vehicle when it’s parked somewhere where you cannot look over it, steering wheel locks are the best option to offer protection to your car against thieves. If you are looking for the best Steering Wheel Locks at a reasonable price that you can order off Amazon right now, we are here to help. These are the 10 best Steering Wheel Locks for Ford Escape. Please ensure that the product you picked is compatible with your model, though. Keep scrolling to see what we picked out!

10. Universal Car Anti-Theft Lock Steering Wheel Brake Lock Double Protection, Adjustable Length 3 Keys

Starting off this list of 10 best Steering Wheel Locks for the Ford Escape is the Anti-theft steering lock by DIWANGUS.  It consists of double lock cores which increase strength. The bottom of the outer brake hook is a plastic rubber sleeve, and the inside is solid steel to enhance the anti-saw ability. The anti-theft device is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and steel, which is sturdy and durable, giving you a high-quality experience.

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9. AYSUM Car Steering Wheel Lock Universal Car Lock Anti-Theft Retractable Steering Lock with Escape Hammer Window Breaker and 3 Keys

At ninth place is AYSUM car Anti-Theft Retractable Steering Lock. This car steering wheel lock latches onto the wheel, and it makes the vehicles nearly impossible to steer, keeps your vehicle safe when left on the street, in a parking garage, and in your own driveway. It comes with an emergency Hammer Window Breaker, The sharp cone at the end of the lock can be used to escape in an emergency. This lock uses high-quality zinc alloy which will never rust. The felt pads that stick to the metal “U” keep from scratching your steering wheel.

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8. Car Steering Wheel Lock, Universal Double Hook Retractable, Anti-Theft Lock Device 5-Digit Password. Black

At eighth, is the XJ Car steering wheel lock for the Ford Escape. This lock has a unique password-protected mechanism, which makes it needless to carry an extra key with you. Mechanical digital password lock is relatively stable, durable, sturdy, and reliable, does not need a key to open. The lock body reinforced alloy molding, anti-cutting, anti-drilling, sawing prevention, prying prevention.

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7. Steering Wheel Lock Seat Belt Lock Security Vehicle Seatbelt Lock Anti-Theft

At the seventh position is the KAYCENTOP steering wheel lock. The yellow security steering wheel belt lock has sturdy construction to protect your car against thieves. This can both lock your steering wheel and belt socket. This security lock is small and lightweight, it is quick to fit and remove in seconds making it flexible and convenient. The anti-theft seat belt lock can lock your handbag on the seat together, a great deterrent for uninvited guests to avoid your bag from stealing.

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6. Zento Deals Universal Car Steering Wheel Lock – Anti-Theft Premium Quality Strong Durable Wheel Lock Cylinder Key

Coming sixth is the Zento Deals Universal car steering wheel lock for the Ford Escape. The Zento Deals Car Steering Wheel Lock uses a unique cylinder key that is almost impossible to replicate, giving your car extra security. The Car Steering Wheel Lock is made with heavy-duty materials. Coated with vinyl to protect your interiors and the lock is designed to withstand strong force from thieves.

Available here.

5. Turnart Steering Wheel Lock Bar, Anti-Theft Security Pedal Lock, Telescopic Steering Wheel Lock with Solid Steel, 3 Keys Included (Silver)

The Turnart Steering wheel lock is next with its telescopic steering lock that is made of heavy-duty steel with three telescopic tubes. It is adjustable for most vehicles. This lock is made of 100% high-quality stainless steel. It is sturdy and robust. There is no excess movement in the barrel when the key is inserted. It can protect your vehicles from being stolen.

Available here.

4. MONOJOY Car Steering Wheel Lock Universal Fit Vehicles with 3 Keys

The MONOJOY Car Steering Wheel Lock comes 4th in this list of 10 best Steering Wheel Locks for the Ford Escape as the steering wheel lock is a sturdy steering wheel car lock anti-theft device. The lock is made of zinc alloy and is very solid with a foam-covered handle to stop scratching your interior. The key is laser cut to ensure the perfect pattern in such a way that no thief can replicate it or lock picks it.

Available here.

3. Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock for Cars, Adjustable Length Clamp Double Hook Universal Fit Emergency Hammer Window Breaker (Black)

In third place of 10 best Trunk Mats for the Ford Escape is the Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock with over 1700 ratings. It’s made of high-quality round steel and premium aluminum/alloy to Resist prying, cutting, Hammering, and Freon Attacks. The Precise Double Spring Crescent Lock Sub-Type Encoding Key is specially designed to prevent professional thieves. It has a lifelong money-back guarantee for every customer to ensure its quality even more.

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2. Tevlaphee Universal Steering Wheel Brake Lock Anti-Theft Retractable Double Hook Car Clutch Pedal Lock with 3 Keys

In the second position is yet another product from the Tevlaphee, this being a universal steering wheel brake lock with over 1800 ratings. Unlike the one above this one locks both the steering wheel and the lock to provide the ultimate protection.  The device is made of high-quality aluminum/ alloy and steel to be sturdy and durable for long-lasting protection. The lock is highly adjustable as it has a Three-section telescopic hydraulic lock that can be compressed according to the height of the steering wheel in the car.

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1. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock, Yellow

First in the 10 best Steering Wheel locks for the Ford Escape is the club from the Winner international company with more than 5500 ratings. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock is a part of The Club line of quality products by Winner International. Prevent professional thieves and joy riders from taking your vehicle with The Club Twin Hooks. The Club Twin Hooks locks on to the steering wheel, making the vehicle impossible to steer. Its “twin hook” design makes it more durable and tougher to defeat, while keyless locking makes it easy to use.

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So that rounds up our list of the 10 Steering Wheel locks for Ford Escape. We hope that it helped you in making a choice for yourself. Stay tuned for more.

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