Forget Airbus A380 – Airlander Is Now The World’s Largest Airship


Mankind has always been fascinated by flying and even today, we find that many innovations lead directly or indirectly to flying. We have covered some of the fastest aircrafts but today’s post is a bit different from those on new speedy planes.
Airlander 2 What we have for you today is a new airship that has won the title for world’s largest aircraft. Just how gigantic is this thing, you ask? At about 300 feet length, this giant is about 60 feet longer than a Boeing 747. While the comparison in size has been made with Boeing 747, do note that this awesome aircraft requires no pilot and is capable of staying up in air for almost 3 weeks.

Airlander 4This gigantic aircraft is being called the Airlander and while its creators are boasting off its size, we can’t really pinpoint a primary purpose for this airship other than being, well, just big. This current version is one of the first installments and other larger models are expected to be crafted as well. This one is able to hold a cargo of up to 50 tons while the subsequent models are expected to be able to hold a cargo of up to 200 tons.  However, the speed of this beast is a bit slow (what were you expecting?); only 10 mph. One of the possible uses for this airship is as a vehicle to transport humanitarian aid. Supposedly, the aircraft can be configured to carry surveillance equipment but we doubt there will be any stealth capability.

Airlander 3The airship, Airlander, has been created by Hybrid Air Vehicles and shall be carrying out its first commercial flight in 2016. The best part is that because of its size, you can transform it into anything that you want it to be.
Check out the video below for more on this Airship.

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