Ford Has Patented New Tech That Would Show Ads In Cars

Ford reserves exclusive rights for a new feature that people sure won’t desire to add in their cars.

The new idea for in-car advertisements is patented by Ford and it’s a headache even at the concept stage. Car enthusiasts sure would be hoping it never lives up to become reality. Ford, however, seems to be running in the opposite direction.

The new feature, as revealed by the automotive publication Motor1, would be able to scan the surroundings for billboard advertisements to bring in all the details regarding the add including numbers, products, and directions on to the screen of the car. No Ford, nobody seems like liking your new idea, given that people are already sick of annoying marketing and algorithms tracking them everywhere.

The new feature hasn’t made to the company’s cars yet, and there are chances it won’t. However, no other brand could incorporate the tech into their cars as the patent has been filed by Ford. But speaking frankly, such an idea is secure to those who so desire for incorporating it into their car, and chances are it would remain exclusive as most won’t be wanting to have the ads running on the screen of their car.

However, the new feature might be a catch for those who like to know more about the new available stuff and all the new deals, the contextual information would come flowing down to the screen. But for that, driving a Ford would be a must, as the rights for the idea have been reserved. Although it isn’t sure that Ford would incorporate the tech into their future cars, as the final verdict is still due.

The feature somewhat makes less sense and has a distractive nature. The world is moving towards more safety in driving, and Ford is thinking on the lines of adding a tech that increases the chances for an accident. Let’s just hope it never gets to become anything ahead of being a patent as for now there’s no guarantee the feature will materialize in the coming times.

Ford submits “patents on new inventions as a normal course of business, but they aren’t necessarily an indication of a new business or product plans,” the company told Motor1 in a statement

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