Ford And Tesla Owners In Texas Use Their EVs To Power Their Homes

Tesla and Ford F-150 Powerwalls are backing homes with power supply during the blackouts in extreme weather.

The weather alerts show extreme lows in Texas this year, which has resulted in blackouts for longer durations than ever before. Some of the EV owners are putting their spent money to greater use by consuming their car’s powerful battery to backup their homes.

More and more people have started using their models of electric vehicles for this purpose. However, Ford F-150 and Tesla’s are on top of the list for being used as home power supply units in extreme weather.

It has been trending over Twitter and Reddit sites as an indigenous idea to avoid blackout suffering. EV owners don’t wait long for the electricity supply to come back, as they are not quite bothered having their car’s battery packs doing the job.

Ford F-150 Hybrid as a power supplier

A Texas man first used Ford F-150 Hybrid to power his home for straight 72 hours. The guy had to run his EV around 10-12 hours each day to provide a continuous backup. Amazingly, the car didn’t use enough fuel while charging the battery, and the truck in itself made a lot lesser noise than backup generators in the neighborhood.

The story caught the attention of Ford’s CEO Jim Farley, who commented on the Twitter post.

Ford and Tesla not only are making less noise to generate a much-needed backup supply, but they are also using considerably less fuel to do so if compared with a backup generator.

The Texan man shared his story on f150Gen14’s site, where owners and fans of Ford F-150 meet to share their cars’ stories. The owner specified how his Ford with a Pro PowerBoost 7.2 kW onboard produced heat for his home and turned his whole neighborhood in admiration of his idea.

The guy used the generated power supply for meeting all the essentials of daily life, i-e light at night, a TV power supply for entertainment, and a warm mug of coffee from the electric coffee machine.

Tesla Powerwalls

Many Texan Tesla owners have taken to Twitter and Reddit to share the magic of their now multi-use Powerwalls, or simply their seeming savior Teslas.

A person using his Tesla powerwall as the source to power his home said, “My Tesla kept my family from freezing last night.” In their Reddit post, Razzooz said that his entire family slept in the garage, neatly tucked into their Tesla Model 3, which catered as a “sleeping pod with a 75kw battery.”

Another Redditter stated, “My Tesla provided 29 hours of backup power,” stating how “very grateful he was for power walls during Texas rolling blackouts.

Who would have thought the EVs that have been proved as fruitful in saving our environment and fuel costs would save their users in such tricky conditions. However, now it is clear these electric vehicles are doing wonders beyond what was expected of them in their initial rollout.

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