Footage Shows A Multistorey Hotel Collapsing In A Matter Of Seconds Amid Floods In Pakistan

Pakistan is going through an extreme flood crisis and the country has declared a national emergency as the death toll due to the massive flooding has reached near 1000. Millions of people, especially those living in rural areas, are homeless and are compelled to live under the open sky. The recent flood level has smashed all the previous records and the situation has gotten extremely dangerous. Coupled with this, an alarming video went viral on the internet recently that shows a multistorey hotel situated on the bank of the river in Kalaam collapsing. This harrowing video depicts the severity of the situation there.

The “Honeymoon Hotel” was located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, which has been abolished in a fraction of a second. The turbulent waves of the floodwater in River Swat have become a cause of the collapse of this beautiful hotel, and in the videos, it can be seen how the flood water started to disintegrate the roots of the hotel from one side, which then ultimately came to pieces in the next second. This is how worrisome the situation has become in Pakistan. Fortunately, no causalities have been reported so far as the people present there took a timely decision and evacuated all the hotels that were located on the bank of the river.

At present, the eighth monsoon spell has been going on in Pakistan, and the water levels are unexpected from what was predicted. Not only in Swat, but the majority of the areas that have been on red alert due to flood warnings are also continuously being evacuated because of the abnormal increase in the water level. Another horrific video has been doing the rounds on the internet in which a house located in Upper Swat was swept away by the drastic flood. It is extremely disturbing as there is no information on if there are any causalities or not.

One of the most saddening videos emerged on the internet that shows five people standing on some elevated rock in the middle of a heavy flood in the Swat region, looking for help, but unfortunately, no one could reach there and the elevated rock could not withstand the fierce layers of water throwing all those five people in the face of death. Seeing all this continuing disaster, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has put the province on high alert and declared an emergency as the death toll keeps rising. Our prayers go to the victims of the flood, and we hope that the situation will end soon!

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