10 Examples Of How Food Companies Cheat Us

Burger commercial vs reality

In times when your political leaders turn the country into a clown show, the media is reduced to nothing more than a rumor mill and battlegrounds for egos. While the elements like global warming, terrorism, insecurity and economic fluctuations threaten your life; the only respite and solace one can get is from food! Right?


Sorry to burst this bubble, the pictures below will show how people have found a way to cheat you on your one final reason to live! What’s worse than finding out that you can’t even trust your true love! (if there exists such a thing)

All pictures are taken courtesy Bored Panda.

Oh, the horror!

1) Apparently “Two Scoops” Raisin Bran means only 35 grams of raisins!

2) Panda Ice Cream, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.”

3) Expert in deceit!

4) LIES! Cap’n Crunch Is Not A Captain!


5) Make Up Your Mind Already!

6) Yes, I’ll love to pay extra $2.50 for a larger piece of cardboard

7) This Is Why I Have Trust Issues!


8) Frankly, I am more worried about the rest of the 73%

9) Maybe the can on the right has compressed contents!

10) I am not even mad, that’s brilliant capitalism!

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