Futuracha Font Molds Itself Into Breathtaking Styles As You Type

Futuracha Pro

We see all these choices of beautiful fonts and sizes when typing on our computers courtesy Steve Jobs taking a calligraphy class during his college days and being able to put all the amazing skills into a digital format. Now the next revolution in digital fonts might be on the horizons, as Futuracha Pro offers a truly unique set of magical, weaving characters that evolve and mold their shapes to interact and form different words.

Credits: Indiegogo/Høly

The font styling is almost ready to be applied in keyboards everywhere and is the brainchild of a Greek team of designers known as Høly. They launched Futuracha almost five years back purely as an experimental font. The whimsical and quirky letters were initially in a raw form and thus, had to be arranged manually.

Credits: Indiegogo/Høly

But no one from the Høly team was expecting the explosive popularity, as people started using the fashionable and distinctive font by the hundreds. This urged Høly to start designing Futuracha Pro, which is an Open Type version of the font that can be used from any keyboard and features “intelligent” characters that change their shape as per the letter sequence of a word.

Credits: Indiegogo/Høly

Futuracha Pro is an inspiring addition to the art of digital calligraphy, and this Art-Deco masterpiece is slated to be complete in May. Høly launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds the font’s development, and they already have raised over 15 times their original goal of $4000.

Credits: Indiegogo/Høly

Their thousands of backers will now receive a personal or commercial license to for the font along with a mesmerizing merch, so brace yourself for a Futuracha onslaught real soon!

You can watch the font in action below:

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