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Florida Man Tricks Dealership By Trading A Fake Cashiers Check With New Porsche

William Kelley is a 42 years old guy from Florida; he did some smart theft but not smart enough to not get arrested. The guy successfully tricked the dealership staff and drove away in a Porsche worth $140,000. In exchange, he handed them over with a home-printed check of no worth at all.

The incident took place in Destin, Okaloosa County, on the 27th of July. William played the staff with a fake check, and before driving off and had enough confidence to ask them to take a picture with his brand new car.

We may call it a heist, but simultaneously it was a poor performance and zeroed attention by the dealership staff as they let him off before checking if the funds were transferred. The guy was dressed in a fashionable but casual look and seemed pretty proud of himself.

He didn’t stop at a successful 911 theft, which was pretty unique as it might be the first “straight out of the dealership” car theft ever known. The very next day, William printed another check of $61,521 and intended to make use of it at a Jeweler in Miramar beach. The guy was not so lucky this time around as he failed to walk out with three Rolex watches. The staff at Jewelers were vigilant enough not to let him out before the check got cleared.

William got caught red-handed, and the jeweler instantly reported the matter to the local police. William was already convicted for the first incident at the time of his arrest. He was taken into custody on Wednesday, 28th of July, and sent to Walton County Jail on charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle and a load of fraud. We don’t know if the guy is even sane because after getting arrested, he acted as, “what’s a big deal.” Crazy!