Florida Man Accused Of Selling Toxic Bleach As COVID-19 Cure

The world already has a lot to deal with but some people just have to make life harder for other people. Running a business is one thing but profiting off a pandemic in another. That’s just unethical, especially if you’re selling the alleged cure for COVID-19 but it’s just bleach in disguise. Every day I lose more faith in humanity.

A Florida man and his three sons have just been indicted for selling a chemical solution called Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, claiming that it can cure, treat and also prevent COVID-19 and even other diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, malaria and even autism (I don’t think this one is a disease). The worse thing is that people were buying this MMS and the group has already sold thousands of bottles. Are people really that gullible? Sadly they are.

The Florida man, Mark Grenon who is 62 years old, and his three adult sons, Jonathan, Jordan, and Joseph, or as I will call them, the three Js. These four are now accused of marketing and selling thousands of MMS. According to the prosecutors, Miracle Mineral Solution is something very dangerous, when ingested it becomes “chlorine dioxide, a powerful bleach typically used for industrial water treatment or bleaching textiles, pulp, and paper”.

You can view the news in the video below.

Apparently, according to the indictment, Grenon and the three Js have been operating under the guise of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. Health and healing, wow and they’re actually selling bleach. Now, Grenon himself has confessed that this church “has nothing to do with religion,” and that he founded Genesis to “legalize the use of MMS” and avoid “going to jail”.

The FDA report was also proved that the Miracle Mineral Solution is no cure for COVID-19 and that drinking this absurd alchemic monstrosity is akin to drinking bleach and it can lead to symptoms “including severe vomiting, diarrhea, and life-threatening low blood pressure”.

You can view a little information about this church from the video below.

Reports say that customers were required to make a fixed donation to the church in return for the miracle concoction and the family had sold more than $1 million worth of MMS. A search of Jonathan Grenon’s house revealed a lot of chemical ingredients including almost 10,000 pounds of sodium chlorite powder.

Anyways, two of the three Js are now in US custody while Mark and the last J are apparently in Colombia, but for how long?

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