Flight Diverted After Passenger Spots The Wing Of The Boeing Plane ‘Coming Apart’

A United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Boston faced an unexpected diversion to Denver after a concerned passenger noticed damage to the aircraft’s wing, sparking safety concerns among passengers and leading to a social media frenzy.

During the flight, a passenger observed the wing of the Boeing 757 showing signs of damage, including holes forming in the metal. Expressing concern, the passenger posted pictures of the damaged wing on Reddit, questioning the seriousness of the situation and whether it warranted notifying the flight crew.

As the flight continued, the passenger provided updates on the worsening condition of the wing, prompting another user to comment on the nature of the damage, describing it as “delamination of the composite on the trailing edge of the inboard slat,” which could affect airflow around the wing. Despite reassurances that the issue was severe but manageable, the decision was made to divert the flight to Denver for further inspection.

Upon landing safely in Denver, all 165 passengers were accommodated on a different aircraft and eventually reached Boston without further incident. Passengers expressed relief but also shared their apprehension, with one passenger, Kevin Clarke, capturing the tense moments in a video shared with CBS News and expressing eagerness for the flight to conclude.

A spokesperson for United Airlines addressed the incident, confirming that Flight 354 diverted to Denver due to an issue with the wing’s slat. The airline ensured that passenger safety remained a top priority by arranging an alternate aircraft to transport passengers to their destination.

This incident comes amidst heightened scrutiny on aircraft safety, particularly concerning Boeing, following recent incidents involving other aircraft models. The Federal Aviation Administration has pledged increased oversight of aircraft manufacturing processes, aiming to hold manufacturers accountable for upholding safety regulations and ensuring passenger safety.

This diversion of the United Airlines flight highlights the importance of vigilant safety measures in air travel and swift action in addressing potential aircraft issues to safeguard passenger well-being.

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