Flic Is A Customizable Smartphone Button That Provides Shortcuts For Important Tasks

Flic – A Button for Anything You Want

For all the smartphone users out there, we know how there are certain repetitive tasks that you do on your phone on a daily or maybe hourly basis as well. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a button that you could press to perform the task? Flic is the name given to a wireless button that can be set up to perform a variety of tasks such as controlling lights, snoozing the phone alarm, triggering photos or playing music. However, Flic will last for a total of 5 years.Flic – A Button for Anything You Want6

Setting up Flic is really easy and is carried out by making use of the accompanying smartphone app. (iOS and Android both are compatible). Different actions can be called upon depending upon how the button is pressed. The button can differentiate between click, double click and the press & hold. This could allow you to speed-dial 3 unique persons who you call up on a regular basis, for instance.Flic – A Button for Anything You Want5 Flic – A Button for Anything You Want4

The button(s) is connected to the user’s smartphone with the help of BLE- Bluetooth low energy – and more than one button can be used with a single device. The buttons have a range of 50 meters and shall only activate the assigned actions when the phone is in range and turned on. The button has an adhesive rear so that you can affix it on places that are convenient for you to use. Although they can already be used outdoors, the company has plans of making them weatherproof. The package will come with a developer kit to allow for the integration of buttons with other services as well.Flic – A Button for Anything You Want3 Flic – A Button for Anything You Want2

An Indiegogo campaign is being carried out to raise money for the testing and production of Flic where $27 will warrant you a single button given that all goes according to the plan.

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