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Flag Of The Republic Of The Congo – The Spirit Of Africa

The flag of the Republic of the Congo is a flag made up of a yellow strip separated diagonally from the lower hoist-side area, with a green triangular on upper left side and red triangular on lower right side. The flag was adopted in 1959 in replacement of the French flag; it had been the flag of the Republic of the Congo till 1970, when the people of the Republic of the Congo was recognized. This edition was used until the government collapsed in 1991 and the new government quickly renewed the flag that was adopted before 1970.

Under the rule of French colonial over French Congo, regulators banned the group from using its own unique colonial flag. This was because they were concerned that this could improve nationalistic feeling and cause to demands freedom. However, with the rising movement of decolonization activity in Africa, the Frenches were required to allow restricted independence to the Congo as a self-governing republic within the French Community. This was provided on Nov 28, 1958, after a referendum was organized and nine weeks later, the Legal Set up started deliberating over a national flag.

The new flag was formally adopted on Sept 15, 1959 and stayed the same when the French Congo became a separate state about a season later on Aug 15, 1960. A coup d’état took place in 1968, the People’s Republic of the Congo has a new government. To be able to indicate the brand new modification, the government selected a new flag and a new national anthem was adopted.

The red flag had been used as the national flag until 1991, when financial issues and the decline of the Soviet Union’s power due to the Radical changes of 1989 terminated in democratic elections, the failure of the People’s Republic of the Congo. The National Meeting, which oversaw the conversion to a democratic government, restored the unique flag from 1959 on July 10, 1991.

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