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Flag Of Cambodia – A Symbol Of Nation And Religion

The flag of Cambodia was initially applied in 1948 and after elections renewed the monarchy it was readopted in 1993.

Since around 1850, the Cambodian flag has presented an interpretation of Angkor Wat in the middle of the century. This present flag, with blue bands in upper and bottom side of horizontal and red middle cover the main part of the flag was applied following Cambodia’s freedom in 1948. The following state of Democratic Kampuchea, which persisted from 1975-1979, used a red flag with a three-towered Angkor Wat style maintained yellow-colored.

The National United Front in Kampuchean for National Solvation enhanced the status of the flag applied by the Khmer Issarak in the times of anti-French level of resistance for the new state. This flag had the same shade design as the DK flag, but a yellow-colored five-towered Angkor Wat figure. When the PRK relabeled itself as “State of Cambodia” (SOC) in 1989, the flag’s reduced 50 percent became red. The UNTAC flag was used during the 1992-1993 adjusting interval along with the flag of the SOC within Cambodia.

 The Cambodian flag was readopted in 1993. The present flag for Cambodia, same as the Afghanistan, keep the difference of being the only two flags around the world to have buildings in the design of the flag. Red and red are conventional shades of Cambodia.

The flag used nowadays is the same as that recognized in 1948, although since then 5 other styles have been used. Almost all created use of the picture of the forehead of Angkor Wat in one type or another. This popular forehead website, which schedules from the Twelfth century, was designed by the Mahidharapura kings and queens. It has five towers, but these were not always all portrayed in the decorative edition used on flags. The monarchy was renewed in Sept 1993, the 1948 flag having been readopted in July.

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